Thoughts on work and home

Docks to desktops and also factories to flats. Courage Brewery was turned into flats. Warehouses have been turned into flats. New flats have been built where the docks are. I was on the the other side of the Thames at East India Dock the other day and near there, at Trinity Buoys Wharf containers have been turned into homes.Don’t know what I’m suggesting……

Thinking about work and home….Much enjoyment is gained by going OUT to work… is it only women who used to go out to work? Much is gained by going home…Some large paternalistic organisations have attempted to create a family atmosphere. People personalise their lockers or desks.

The new technology enables some people to work from home all or part of the time…Work used to be based around the home in pre industrial times.

Before all the industry, it was rural.Since the docks went there are more green spaces- are we going round?

Talking of work being physical as Peth was the other evening, does anyone remember those adding machines in the 60s with large handles on the right (what did left handers do?) with rolls of paper in them- before calculators? Does anyone remember the clanking noise?

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18 Jun 2019

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