Thursday intergenerational sessions are now well underway

Our Thursday intergenerational sessions are now well underway. In these sessions, we have been using extracts of the interviews, alongside facts and information written about the Blitz as stimuli from which to create moments of performance. Of the last session, Muhammed – one of our participants wrote – “By bringing the different extract-stories into a sequence, a certain atmosphere got created last night. It was all about the war everybody knows about. But we remind/inform an imaginary audience of what happened – soon cometh a real audience! By that time, we will have woven a story – replete with action and dialogue – all about the lonely/derelict nights/days when London was shown no mercy. . . . That shoal-moving exercise brought home the point that we need to lead and be led, as a group. We were led into our little tales – then we showed ourselves out. Good for confidence, at this early stage of our project. . . . I begin to see what an important role fire-fighters, police and nurses played.”

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  1. Ella

    Yesterday, The session was really interesting and it was great to see the men and the women doing completely different things! Me and Rosy had fun arguing and screaming, although we were the only children there.

  2. Isla

    The war was terribble. I couldn’t sleep with all those bombs. I was so very scared. What an improvement it would be if the world was love. I wish the sweet shop hadn’t broken down. The worst time of my life is what it was. Such a hateful person Hitler i. So mean I say. So mean. He’s a little couch.

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