Underneath the Arches

On Thursday’s session, we did some more work on public sheltering. First of all, houses 8-13 got back into their family groups and re-established their households; the lay-out of their humble abodes and the relationships within their four walls. We had a think about what everyone would do to keep themselves entertained and what they would do in times of extreme fear i.e. what activites they would turn to to keep themselves distracted and how they would go about doing them.

Then the sirens sounded once more and everyone headed back down into the shelter. Once in the public shelter, the inhabitants of Mayflower street played with how they might sleep and what they might do at different times of the night. We then experimented with playing sections of the interview recordings alongside live scenes of related action…

Do keep sharing your thoughts with us. Do you feel that it works to use pre-recorded sound and action together? How are you feeling about the set-up of your Mayflower home? Do you feel that the relationships are strengthening and becoming more believable to you? Share all.

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  1. Ella

    I really enjoyed todays lesson. It really spoke to me… it was really fun and I liked singing the song! Eventually we made our way to finishing the script and I hope… possibly… I can make it on Wednesday.

    Our work was to (for Tanya,Tabitha, Jasmine, Rosy, Jodie, Sophere, and some of the men and I) We did the girl on a bike seen and it was really fun and I imagine it looked great too. We also made our way to the shelter and sung Cruising

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