Charting the Mayflower- The Enquiry

Missed The Enquiry live online? No problem! Click here and watch the replay.

Why did the Mayflower sail? Why did the passengers leave? What was the impact of their settlement? Why weren’t we taught this at school?

During the last 3 years a group of curious South Londoners have been meeting once a week to consider the story of The Mayflower. The Enquiry is a summary piece dramatising these, and more, questions that we encountered on our journey. Using a creative research-based approach, we have peeled back layers of the iconic tale and shared our findings through sold-out performances in parks, churches, streets and on film. Pandemic and confinement have touched our group and perhaps brought us closer to the lived experiences of those who sailed and those who welcomed and helped the passengers (settlers? colonists?). It has also led us to look more closely at the role of London in the story. Leading to yet more questions – where was London at the time? Did it have a motive? Does it have an alibi?

Watch the replay now to take your place on The Enquiry!

We would like to thank United Saint Saviours for the support.

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