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Last week two pieces of research were released that told a concerning story about how some children’s speech, language and...
07 May 2021
This year Brent Knoll Special School asked me to run Speech Bubbles (a drama for communication intervention) online. I was...
08 Dec 2020
Originally published on A New Direction’s website. Speech Bubbles has gone back to school! Hooray! We have started a little...
27 Oct 2020
With so much talk about children going back to school having to ‘catch up’ it was with relief that I...
20 Aug 2020
  London Bubble would like to express our thanks to Paul Hamlyn Foundation for emergency support of the Speech Bubbles...
13 Aug 2020
Adam blogs for Pearson. Originally published May 2019.
01 Jul 2019
Adam blogs for Pro Bono Economics on evaluating Speech Bubbles. Originally published April 2018
17 Apr 2018
Amelia’s blog for Early Arts on why we commission research on Speech Bubbles. First published April 2018.
17 Apr 2018
Adam blogs about the work of play on People Make Theatre, first published March 2016.
06 Apr 2016
Read Catherine’s blog on Exeunt Magazine website, first published October 2014.
06 Apr 2016
I am a bit nervous as I sit down to write this blog, maybe even scared of saying what I...
23 Oct 2012

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