Speech Bubbles partner Natasha Tomlin speaks about why Speech Bubbles works so well.

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What is Speech Bubbles?

Speech Bubbles is a drama based programme, that helps children to build their confidence and communication skills.

How long have you been doing Speech Bubbles for?

I have been doing Speech Bubbles for 11 years.

What do you personally enjoy about the programme?

I really enjoy the consistency and routine of the sessions. In addition, it is an absolute joy to see how much the children grow throughout the year.

Why do you think it’s important for schools to have Speech Bubbles?

I have been at my school for 23 years and have seen programmes/projects come and go. I feel Speech Bubbles has lasted, as we have seen a clear and measurable growth in the children.

There are always ‘quiet’ children who get a little lost in the classroom environment. Speech Bubbles is delivered to a group of 10 children; therefore, it gives the above children a chance to shine and find their voice.

We have also seen an improvement in their literacy skills and story writing, so they are transferring the skills they have learnt in Speech Bubbles into the classroom.

What changes have you seen in your students who have been a part of Speech Bubbles?

Anything else you want to say?

One of my fondest memories is a selective mute child that we had many years ago. By the time he was Y6, he was getting into trouble for talking too much and whenever he was spoken to about it, he blamed Speech Bubbles!

It is really difficult to explain the joy I see, when the children have made progress with their language, communication and social skills. I think the routine and consistency of the programme makes the children feel comfortable, as they know what is going to happen in each session.

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