During the Summer holidays, five groups of young people joined us at London Bubble to devise brand new pieces of theatre in just a week. Here’s what each group created:

6-8 year olds

The 6-8s group worked together to create a show called Dreamland. Using storytelling and shadow puppetry the group explored a selection of different worlds that we visit in our dreams, including candy land, dancing dolphin land and cloud land. When the dream bandits stole the magical dream crystals, it was up to the dream detectives to save the day.

Directed by Paul Andrew

Assisted by Lil Woods and Lucy Scammel

Designed by Sorcha Corcoran

9-11 year olds

Our 9-11s group created an immersive performance taking over the entire London Bubble building. Audience members were invited to explore a local village and meet the baker, builder, cook, florist and nosey neighbour. Life wasn’t as perfect as it first seemed in the village however, it soon became clear one of the villagers was a werewolf in disguise and it was up to everyone to figure out who.

Directed by Arianne Carless-Lock and Amari Harris

Assisted by Aoife Scott

Designed by Sorcha Corcoran

13-18 year olds

The teenagers made a play called, ‘Have you heard about Sadie?’ which focused on a young person with challenges in her family life, school life and social life. When untrue rumours started being spread, it became even more difficult for Sadie to know who she could trust or depend on.

Directed by Russeni Fisher

Assisted by Sapphire Joy & Aoife Scott

Designed by Sorcha Corcoran

Music by Michael Magambo

Lighting by Mattis Larsen

As part of this project, the group also attended a performance at the Bush Theatre. This provided an opportunity to see theatre in a professional setting, building their cultural and social capital and allowing them to better understand the impact of theatrical techniques and to feel encouraged that the arts is for everyone.


We partnered with Southwark Council and worked with young people aged 6-12 to make ‘We Run The World’. The audience were taken on an interactive tour of the places they designed and introduced to the rules that apply within them.

Directed by Jade Dowsett-Roberts

Assisted by Lauren Anika & Darcy Hall


Year 6 leavers aged 11 who had seen our Playing Safe play in their school were invited to make a play of their own at the Brandon Youth Centre. Their play, also called Playing Safe. was about young men in a football team and how their home and social lives impacted their career goals.

They performed alongside our actors at a special community event on the Brandon Estate.

Directed by Russeni Fisher & Lauren Anika

what did people have to say about play in a week?

"What stood out to me was the growth and confidence of the young people during the performance in just one week."

"I loved everything about the performance. This week has provided the boys with an opportunity to step out their comfort zone improve social skills & enhance imagination.”


young people took part in this summer’s Play In A Week projects.


percent of parents/carers strongly agreed that they felt this project supported their child’s wellbeing.


freelancers were employed to deliver these projects alongside a set designer, a work placement, and designated 1-2-1 access workers who joined to support children with additional needs.