The Blitz has landed….. Dilston Grove. And thankfully there is not a bomb in sight.

Last Friday, we had a merry little trip down to Dilston Grove, our performance space for Grandchildren of the Blitz.We admired it, imagined in it and measured it. The dogs that we took along liked it too; plenty of space for scampering about. And, fortunately for us, plenty of space for our ever increasing cast…

The space already feels seeped in history. Its’ main function is a a gallery space, but in converting it from a working church – Cafe Gallery have been very sensitive to keeping the original “feel” of the place. It is stripped back, raw and simple, with stories of its own – but a very good place for telling others.

Since its renovation, ours will be the first theatre production to be performed there. It feels like the perfect place for it.

Let us know what you think……

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2 Responses

  1. Ian

    Hi, think it’s a great script and that the images are great. I am less available during April but can do 2 night a week outside of April.

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