For Creativity & Wellbeing week 2015 we asked questions like ‘How can theatre look after its wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of those who make and participate in making theatre?’

Below are the details for the events, performances and conversations that took place place at Bubble HQ.

Hopelessly De-voted
Sunday 7th June, 5pm and 6.30pm

A performance about people & politics. About the electoral system. About our nation’s love-hate relationship with voting. Back after a successful run.

Rotherhithe Shed – Drop In Sessions 

Monday 8th June 10-2pm and Thursday 1-5pm.

Bubble open up their workshop as the Rotherhithe Shed twice a week. It’s a well equipped but informal place for people to come and make, maintain and tinker. Mend that broken chair or create something from scratch. Advice is freely available as are beverages, biscuits and conversation.A gathering of Creative Homes 
Monday 8th June, 2.30-4.30pm

Artists and Participants from London Bubble’s programme of work with older theatre makers gather to share performance and exercises. Poems, table theatre, songs and scenes plus a conversation about the development of the Creative Homes programme. A beginners guide to Speech Bubbles 

Thursday 11th June, 4.30-6pm

A lively afternoon of Speech Bubbles activities and stories, aimed at anybody interested in finding out more about this award winning programme that supports communication and wellbeing in children.A celebration of Speech Bubbles

Thursday 11th June, 7-8.30pmAn evening for all those who have been involved in the development of Speech Bubbles to mark its success to date and look to the future. Considering the evidence that links communication and wellbeing and launching our Social Franchise National network. Celebrating the stories, the artists, the facilitators and the impact

Creativity and the emotional and social skills of young people
Friday 12th June, 1-5.30pm
We looked at how to support the social and emotional learning and wellbeing of the young people we work with? and how do we attend to the emotional wellbeing of the people who attend to the emotional wellbeing of the young people who we work with?

With input from the Early Intervention Foundation, London Youth, Arts and Sports providers.
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